28 Oktober 2009


SERVERSICK was formed in early 2000 with the purpose to create a nu formula graining metal in jember tobacoss city.moving on independent music jember scene,make this band often change members but since after 2007 Deden,Hdie (vendzor),wiwit ( corenx) and otnay decided to make a solid formation. We've bled for this community/scene/movement whatever you call it.
We've lost thousands of Rupiahs, gone into debt, we have given the shirt of our back and even at times, risked our life for this music so you better believe it is not a laughing matter when anyone tries to disrespect the legacy that we have carried, you may not like some of the things we do outside of SERVER SICK or the so-called Metal/Hardcore community and that is your right but this band is an institution and a movement, it's not some trend or phase in our lives, IT IS OUR LIVES.

We don't walk through doors, we kick them down, that is the very notion this band was founded upon. We've eliminated the ceiling. We've crushed the limitations and expectations and we will continue to do so. No matter how much anyone tries to put a "spin" on it. The impact is there and it isn't going anywhere. We want to push on, we want to push ourself and others to be better. We don't want to be a spectator, we don't want to just talk, we want to take action. If you have something positive to contribute to the scene, community or to the world in general, you better believe that we want you to be motivated and set up right to do so...

Contact Person:HDIE : 085232176008


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